Operations / Processes

With our experience and our own process management tools, we can optimize all business areas in a targeted manner. Digital and personal. But above all individually.

Business Perfection

For the perfection of all processes of the structural and procedural organisation of a gastronomic business we support with our consulting expertise. In doing so, we support our customers with a high level of operational and extensive personal experience and suitable tools. This includes the analysis, evaluation or implementation of:

// Organizational structures
// Process flows
// Management situations
// Reorganization
// Budgeting
// Tenders
// Implementation and optimization
// Benchmark studies
// IT systems

When advising gastronomic establishments, we are concerned with improving gastronomic quality and the economic efficiency of processes.

We analyze and evaluate the organizational structures ofthe organizational structure as well as the process flows of the operational organization. We discuss with you the conceptual basis, potential management situations and suitable production methods. We also review existing and future management contracts and (operator) budgets. With the help of our baseline and benchmark tools, we compare your situation with the ‘state of the art’ of the market and develop tangible recommendations for action for you.

In the highly complex field of merchandise management and payment systems, we are always up to date and provide advice on finding the optimal solution for your business.

Successful quality control

Successful qualitycontrol requires methodical inspection, evaluation, documentation and traceability of various parameters within the entire value chain as well as the derivation of corrective measures – standardized, simple & fast, cross-organizational and, above all, also with digitalen instruments:

// Quality audits
// Performance review
// Benchmark studies
// Quick Checks
// Guest surveys


We have developed our own digital tool to check basic quality parameters of gastronomic processes. The evaluation provides answers to many questions, for example: Is hygiene in the kitchen an integral part of all routines? Are all legal requirements implemented? What about the health value of the food and the service awareness towards the guests?
In this way, we can specifically assess the performance of various areas (hygiene, service, health, profitability and more…) and show changes from year to year or in a site comparison. During the performance review, the contractually regulated services are analysed in accordance with the service description, deviations from the target state are recorded and recommendations for action are drawn up for you.

Our many years of experience in the market and the high project volume continuously provide us with an up-to-date pool of benchmark figures. This enables us to specifically assess the profitability of processes with regard to the use of goods, personnel and ancillary costs and to provide our customers with measurable recommendations for action.

The strategic process

What is our process here? With our quick-check-tools we analyse the performance of your operational processes followed by a short report. As a result we present you the indicated and recommended measures to generate quick wins (easy-to-implement immediate measures) as well as operational and strategic procedures. We support the implementation process as required.