Operator Search & Catering Tenders

Tenders are a world of their own – one in which we know our way around. With an above-average success rate.

We are very familiar with all facets of the structural and procedural organisation of gastronomic operations. The sometimes complicated necessities of gastronomic quality and the Economic efficiency of all processes in merchandise management and process organisation, including the legal framework conditions, we have known so well for many years that we are now a sought-after partner for operator tenders.

Therefore, operator tendering procedures, which are published throughout Germany or the EU, are one of our most important service areas.

// Preparation or development of tendering concepts for future operation
// Preparation of the tender documents
// Execution of bidder application (RFI)
// Execution of Request for Proposal (RFP)
// Public invitation to tender according to VOL/A
// Offer evaluation
// Bidder evaluation
// Carrying out reference visits
// Negotiation and contract award support
// Implementation

Accompaniment through a complex process

We support the entire tendering process from consulting regarding the future operator concept (offer, costs, subsidy, etc.) to the award recommendation. Our strengths in this process are, above all, the clear formulation of the expected gastronomic services as well as the joint definition of relevant suitability and evaluation criteria, which are decisive for the correct selection of the suitable bidder. In doing so, we always orient ourselves to the market and incorporate our many years of experience in supporting tender processes.


We can support you with pragmatic solutions even in small-scale questions during the operator tendering process and manage the process as a whole.