Market-/ and Consumer Trends

Research creates more than just facts, but insights. This creates facts that lead to new ideas and make assumptions testable.

The market is flooded with information and data. If not interpreted, weighted, evaluated and classified – most of them are useless. But this requires a lot of knowledge, good sources and some experience – otherwise facts simply remain data.

But if you, as a manager, want to plan, build and expand a business, you need to be able to refer to substantial insights, specifically when it comes to strategic decisions. Maybe you are not responsible on your own and will have to make your decisions transparent and comprehensible to other decision makers – may your decision need the right support.

We provide the necessary basis for this.

// Drivers: Knowing the big global influences
// Megatrends: Analysing dynamic environments
// Needs: Understanding consumers and guests
// Market trends: Analysing market shifts and early trends
// Business opportunities: Catalysing trends into strategies
// Concepts: Adapt findings for concept development

Research is a true diligence.

First of all, research is a task that takes a lot of time. Facing the sheer number of sources available today, an incredible amount of information is available – but mostly unfiltered and unevaluated. The assessment of data from various sources alone is no longer trivial today. You need to know your sources and you need to pay for them. Moreover, facts are increasingly challenged with alternative facts. We try to identigy and to classify these conscientiously.

We also ensure that the right resources are involved and cited and we have a team that meticulously compiles and structures facts in a qualified framework. Their preparation for individual purposes and audiences is one of our daily tasks.


Research is a question of sources.

The structured use of databases and tools available online is usually a first step. But if you rely only on the public sources, you miss the chance to get the information that makes the real difference to your business. In order to identify the key points that lead to groundbreaking insights for decisionn making, exclusive sources must also be sought out. These are being derived from our expert networks such as our partner THE FUTURE LABORATORIES or other networks such as BEST4PLANNING, whose qualitative and quantitative assessments we do collect and evaluate in a structured manner.


Research needs the right questions.

If data, information, and hypotheses should lead to answers, the right questions must be asked. “What do customers want?“, “Where is the competition going?“,” How are trends to be classified?” With our established tools, we help to ask the right questions in order to align business or entire business models in a sustainable way through insights. Too many consultants try to provide more and more pressure with unspecific collections of observations that may be impressive but do not deliver substantial knowledge to the management. Our approach is much more rational and fact-oriented.


More impressive than the news is the message.

We’re chosing a different way. We don’t just provide observations. We provide questions and answers. In this way, solutions are created that develop the business in a meaningful way. This is to avoid creating further pointless pressure to innovate, which is neither appropriate nor necessary in today’s world and is hardly bearable. All those who willing to scare our industry with indiscriminate innovation hysteria are doing more harm to it than good. We are taking a different approach.


Our goal is to provide decision-makers with substantial support.
Through insights that lead to insights and appropriate solutions for your business.