Interior Design / Architecture

Good design is not only good design.
But rather consistent thinking and a functioning process.

The decisive factor in our conceptual and planning work is always to develop an offer that is relevant to the guest and geared to his or her needs.

We combine the conceptual pillars – offer, communication and space to create a coherent and comprehensible overall impression. This overall impression stands for a clear and profiled value proposition, which gives each concept its individuality and thus also its contribution to the brand effect.

Der Gast muss sich im Raum zurechtfinden können.

The zoning of the room and the orientation of the guest are in “first place” and form the basis of our further planning. This results in spatial proportions that lead to a feeling of well-being and the desired quality of stay.

The staging of the offer and the production as an experience is the lived interface to the technical planning and forms the conceptual creative heart of our work.

Eine stimmige Planung erhebt den Raum zur Destination.

In addition to the selection of colour and material worlds, we attach great importance to a coordinated lighting and acoustic concept in order to improve the quality of the guest’s stay and to individually solve the requirements for a special atmosphere depending on the time of day.

Of course, we check our designs in 3D visualizations and can thus see the rooms grow with our customers during the planning phase and have a concrete discussion. This gives everyone involved in the project the same understanding of the project and the details, allowing for 1-to-1 implementation later on.

After successful establishment on the market or expansion, we develop processes in the areas of design, technology and implementation that enable efficient and consistent design management.