Strategy consulting for the hospitality industry is (not) rocket science.

Almost anyone who knows anything can talk about strategies. But providing truly strategic advice requires experience, access to information and trust.

Therefore, not what sounds better, but what is the better, prevails in the end. This probably applies to your work as it does to ours.

Therefore, we rely on established methods that lead to implementable solutions and produce relevant innovations for your company. Our team can provide you with effective support at every stage of your business. Even in difficult times, such as the current CORONA pandemic, we provide important guidance to many companies and see ourselves as a partner to the entire industry in a phase of transformation that affects almost everyone.

We work with established methods in strategy consulting and cooperate with our cross-industry network in order to provide a competent answer to almost any critical question.

Therefore, we would (here) like to briefly address three dimensions that are very important to us in our potential cooperation with you:

1. Change in the markets

2. Change in consumer trends

3. Change of surrounding conditions


We think: If you want to shape markets, you have to understand them completely.

Markets change. And change is becoming faster and faster. Constant change is exciting but also challenging, it demands a great deal from all companies: Viglilance, strategic viability and transformation in all aspects of the business. With a strong orientientation on customer needs. A process that has gained considerable momentum in these times.

Those who want to position themselves successfully in the long term need a partner with whom flexibility can be planned, whose implementation can be supported and who can back up those responsible in the company.

Benefit from our experience, which will help you achieve your goals and represent them internally and externally.


Who wants to serve the needs of the people, needs not only data but empathy for the needs of people.

Consumers are increasingly rejecting conventional attribution. The idea that consumers can be classified and evaluated in a predictable way is pretty much outdated. People are looking for orientation in a world that is becoming more and more unpredictable for them and in which almost any supply structure is about to get lost – this cnncerns to eating habits in a hyper-individualized food market and this also relays to new technologies in gastronomy, everywhere.

So if you want to successfully integrate the nature of people into your business in the future, don’t plan in standard models, but rather create fresh concepts and processes. Together with us you may succeed into new eras of business opportunities. So that people can orient themselves and align their consumption needs.

Use our expertise to develop new brands from data and experience and successfully lead your business into the future.


3. Those who want to act responsibly need determination and courage.

Hygiene, logistics, ecology, purchasing, space, energy, human resources – everyone has long been forced to change the way they use resources. The consequences are often overdue and currently sometimes serious. We see today’s need for accountability and sustainability as a gain, because it does require companies to find a new way of dealing with policies, the environment, its customers and its employees. But new opportunities are emerging from this. We accompany people and companies in becoming so honest with themselves that a better way of dealing with the world around them becomes possible.

With our processes, we often find that the innovations needed to achieve this come from combining the new with the old: Technology and virtue, value creation and value preservation, individualization and impulsiveness. People’s lives determine the market – more than ever before.

Walk with us on a path of renewal and change. We can help to develop sustainable markets from existing concepts.


Last but not least: Advice works best when it disrupts.

The strategy team focuses primarily on advising companies that allow change to happen. Not all of them are – after all, it’s much easier to let things go and hope for improvement, or even just for outside help. That’s not our approach, and that’s why you’re here.

Therefore, the best way to use us is to see us as an organized disruption and a systematic solution at the same time.

That is what we are committed to: For an industry that, on the one hand, does everything it can to understand its customers and aligns its business model accordingly, and that sees itself as an industry and pulls out all the stops for an appropriate public perception.

Do you also like to be disturbed?

In addition to our individual solutions, we offer suitable workshop formats for strategic and operational issues at various management levels under the umbrella brand “Weather Report”.