Kitchen planning / Workplaces

There are few more complex spaces than professional kitchens.
We understand your requirements and know all the components and refinements.

Kitchen planning for restaurants, bars, canteens & large kitchens

The conceptual and functional planning of commercial kitchens is one of our core competences. This includes the planning of kitchens in transport, employee and event catering, fast food, casual and fine dining concepts. As a rule, we work according to the service phases of HOAI 1-9 or according to individual partial service programs – and this is basically independent of manufacturers. We develop individual solutions for all functional areas.


// Functional and logistics concepts
// Production systems
// Dispensing systems
// Recirculation and rinsing systems, disposal concept
// Personnel areas
// Product/prototype development support

Well thought-out space and function planning

Well thought-out space planning with optimum operating procedures as well as storage and supply systems and the associated functional equipment planning are the basis for the successful operation of a gastronomic unit – both in large-scale or communal catering as well as in smaller, more compact units. That is why our logistics experts structure the complete back-of-house area for you.

Theserving of food and beverages should always be seen as a point of sale – this is the interface to the guest. Whether implemented in a food court, online counter or free-flow, whether full-, semi- or self-service. After all, this area is usually the last or even only physical touchpoint and point of communication with the guest par excellence.
In addition to an appealing food presentation, many technical-functional aspects are of great importance here, e.g., speed in post-production, sufficiently dimensioned space for arranging innovative plate or buffet creations, right up to the selection from a wide range of contactless payment methods and the tracking of food and drinks.

The complexity of food production before or during serving goes far beyond cook & serve or cook & chill, front cooking is not a panacea. In workshops with our own chefs, we discuss and examine all processes together and define the most suitable production system or system mix for you. The functional process planning ends with the right disposal concept.

We support you in the selection of suitable systems, such as wet waste extraction systems or food waste disposal systems or classic waste storage. Here, too, we always take an overall view – for a smooth and hygienically flawless supply and disposal process. Ultimately, the operational and supply concept is also decisive in waste management planning. Under the guideline “less is more” with the daily simultaneous variety of offers or preparation “just in time “, our main focus in planning is on “waste avoidance”.


Trend Scouting / Next generation of device technology

Regular trend scouting with a neutral view of the supplier industry enables us to select the ideal technology for each operational process. No matter on which side of the counter (guest or cook) – our “emotionalized professional planning” always puts people in the foreground and thus ensures success for our customers.

We always try to keep an eye on the latest trends and innovations in all areas. Together with you we can evaluate whether these are relevant for your company – or not.
In line with the importance of contemporary and resource-saving kitchen and serving technology, we promote the new and further developments of and for tomorrow. It has always been very important to us to make a contribution to the next generations of technology. Long-standing manufacturers as well as start-ups use our sparring. We moderate and accompany technical product development and standardization processes. We are happy to share our ever-growing know-how from many planning projects, combined with the valuable feedback from creative users.
Contact us if you have an idea or vision or a task that needs to be solved technically. We would be happy to exchange ideas on this.