Concepts for the gastronomy

Not everything always has to be different. We provide targeted assistance in optimising space, product range or communication.
Or with personnel and management issues.

Tangible, explainable, measurable.

A gastronomic project is always particularly tangible, explainable and measurable when there is a clearly outlined plan for it. This applies both to the development of a new concept and to the reorientation of an existing operation.

For this we usually work on the following concept modules:

// Location and competition analysis
// Assortment and production
// Communication and Marketing
// Space and architecture
// Processes and Operations
// Economic efficiency and financing
// Evaluation incl. proof of concept


Recording & Analysis

The conception is preceded by the recording and analysis of all factors relevant to demand and competition at the existing or planned location. At the beginning of the actual concept creation is the development of a gastronomic idea or the evaluation of an already existing concept idea. This is derived or evaluated and sharpened by our market knowledge and an understanding of the attitudes and needs of the guests with regard to their market relevance. These requirements are taken into account by our strategists, architects and designers and concretised in visual designs.

Range development

In the development of the product range, gastronomic themes are derived primarily from the market, from which a culinary profile is then drawn up. Here, the framework for the products to be offered is set according to product groups. In the further deepening of the concept, it is then necessary to determine the assortment in its breadth and depth up to the recipe. From the selected food assortment we derive the food presentation as well as the technical-functional aspects for the production.

Marketing & Communication

In the communication and marketing module, the basic features of the brand and its communication are defined. This ranges from the brand name and store décor to data-driven local store marketing and details like a construction site billboard or an activating pre-opening campaign.

Processes & Operations

The conceptual sharpening also includes the definition of processes and operations, in which all operational influencing factors are summarized for management and operations and documented for operations in the form of manuals. This also includes details such as hygiene procedures and personnel deployment planning.

Calculation of economic efficiency

An important part of the concept development is also the calculation of the profitability: From the business plan to the preparation of a comprehensive budget for further implementation in the tender process, the essential cost and revenue factors are analysed and calculated.