The WEATHER REPORT: Leadership through insights, creativity and dialogue.

Change no longer tolerates procrastination – BEND AND WAIT is not an option. We can help you now to make the best of this complex situation.

Covid-19 has hit our industry hard, catapulting restaurateurs from one day to the next into a reality that no one could have anticipated. Thus plans and calculations have become obsolete, strategies useless.

In this situation of uncertainty, concern and confusion, we activated our natural proximity to many managers in the German HORECA sector and carried out a multi-stage qualitative survey within a very short time in order to document acute problems and currently relevant measures as well as to identify options for action and make them accessible to all interested parties.
However, it also became clear how great the need for exchange and insights, for classification and analysis is.

This gave rise to the idea of establishing a regular forum for constructive dialogue among decision-makers in the industry, editing the results and publishing them in magazine form online and as a print product.

At the same time, we have been and continue to be asked to address a wide range of business challenges, which we meet with our dedicated team and new workshop formats for strategic and operational concerns.


With the formats of the umbrella brand WEATHER REPORT, we are dedicated to the major weather situation in the German out-of-home market.
It is never just a matter of looking at the current situation, which is deeply unsettling and threatens our very existence, but always of taking a step forward. To this end, we provide insights into trends and innovations, develop ideas for operational changes and accompany strategy changes.

Our decision-maker update for new gastronomy.
What initially served primarily as a differentiated picture of the mood in the industry subsequently developed more and more into a dossier in which specific challenges are named, analysed and classified.

We regularly discuss current topics with industry executives and publish the editorially prepared results, analyses and forecasts in magazine form.
(Do you have a specific topic suggestion? We will be happy to include your suggestions in our planning).

Our one-day workshop for decision makers.
Together we address relevant trends, analyse current and future developments in and around the market and identify changes in customer behaviour. We discuss the resulting necessary management decisions in order to develop strategic options for action with you.
(Of course, the workshop can also take place digitally).

Our workshop format on specific topics at the strategic-operational level.
Experts from our specialist departments provide support in the planning and implementation of new procedures and modified processes for a wide range of areas.

Our interview format with experts from the German out-of-home market.
We talk about current events and developments and discuss their impact on the industry.
Coming soon.


Axel Weber
Founder, manager and entrepreneur – head of strategy consulting at SODA GROUP.

Prof. Dr. Torsten Olderog
A proven expert in strategic corporate leadership and management in the service industry, who has been intensively involved in change management and knowledge transfer in our industry for many years, both academically and operationally.

Dr. Tillman Bardt
Experienced trendsetter and creative strategist who has developed campaigns and innovations for numerous companies and brands, internalizes multichannel marketing and focuses on digital transformation to enable value creation at new touchpoints.

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