WAGO Contact Technology

WAGO also knows how to cultivate culinary contacts.

SODA GROUP was entrusted by WAGO, a globally successful manufacturer of contact technology, with the catering and kitchen planning, the interior design and the search for an operator for its new Communication Center.


Minden – In 2016, WAGO opened a Communication Center on its campus that attracts several hundred visitors from around the world each month.

The customer and training centre is not only available for meetings, workshops and lectures, but also for festive events and customer events. Accordingly, it is efficiently equipped for high gastronomic demand. The two spacious levels in the meeting area, for example, are supplied by an innovative trolley system. This makes use of two service points and a lounge bar.

In addition, a modern staff restaurant was aesthetically integrated into the building, which can be extended to include an event area. Every day, 600 meals are served here with nutritional, regional and resource-conserving standards. Smaller breaks in between are met by a café bar with snacks.

Incidentally, in the interests of sustainability, all catering units are served by a central scullery.

CUSTOMER // WAGO Kontakttechnik, Head Office Minden
TASK // Gastronomy concept, gastronomy and kitchen planning, furnishing design, operator search/tendering