Trattoria Momo

A tasteful shop with an Italian heart.

SODA GROUP took over the design planning for Momo Mio Momo and accompanied the implementation.

Bochum – The makers of Momo not only know a lot about Italian cuisine, they also show how rooms can be transformed with skill and taste into a gastronomic idyll that is a pleasure in itself.

The guest area is spread over two levels. While the upper level has classic seating, downstairs you sit uncomplicated at high wooden tables. The view rests in the vastness behind the window front or follows the bustle in the open pizza kitchen. The warm interior design results from the use of high-quality wood and black board surfaces on which the offer is communicated.

Atmospheric lighting moods are created by glass luminaires, which gracefully decorate the design as floating objects. The Momo proves that dense cosiness can be modern and simple. A restaurant like a delicacy and in Bochum long since an institution.

CUSTOMER // Trattoria Momo GmbH
TASK // Interior design, draft planning, supervision of implementation