Munich in Munich. Just different and in the future.

Our role in this is quite modest, but not entirely simple.
And yet elementary: we bring life to the neighborhood.

The old parcel post area in Munich: None other than Ralf Büschl took on this mega-project and, after years of preliminary planning with the architects of Herzog & de Meuron, presented groundbreaking designs that move and inspire experts and the public. And who are now all asking for concepts and for concrete content.

Munich – For the conceptual support of this extraordinary project, the team around Axel Weber was nominated, which has already more than proven itself with BIKINI BERLIN. We thank them for this with great respect for their partners and with – as always – consistent dedication to the task.

We cannot and must not say much yet about this outstanding urban development project, where great opportunities are being discussed but also a lot is at stake. It is about nothing less than the development of the former parcel post area near the Nymphenburg Palace and the Hirschgarten.

Our role in this is quite modest, but not entirely simple. And yet elementary: we bring life to the neighborhood.

Ralf Büschl, managing partner of the BÜSCHL UNTERNEHMENSGRUPPE, wants to create something completely new, something innovative, something consistently close to the people. A new vision for urban living, in the middle of Munich. A vision that can be described as nothing less than the URBAN FUTURE PROJECT.

For this purpose, he has been able to win over HERZOG & DE MEURON, one of the world’s most renowned architectural firms, which has already been working successfully on the overall design for several years and, as always, has developed visionary and groundbreaking designs for the site. But also with other partners such as JÜRKE ARCHITEKTEN, solutions for many specific issues are being worked on at full speed, including the use of the gigantic hall in the center of the site.

Living spaces are not addresses, but neighbourhoods.
That is our promise: Enabling a new way of life.

It is obviously very clear to the developer that new living spaces do not arise of their own accord, that urban living environments no longer develop from architectural substance alone, that people from all over the world will no longer move to Munich in the future just for a good address. And in Munich, of all places, the greatest care is taken to ensure that new quarters do not merely satisfy the interests of investors. The high level of interest shown by the city, the citizens and the media clearly reflects this claim.

It is all the more gratifying for us that we have received the confidence to accompany its development in the coming years through a large-scale feasibility study, in which we provided detailed information on the future requirements, necessities and opportunities of this quarter. This is a tremendous appreciation of our work.

Urbanity is always innovation – in the service of people.
We take both aspects very seriously. And so is our environment.

We think of urban living spaces not only in terms of their architecture – but also. We don’t think of urban living spaces only in terms of mindsets and forecasts of socio-demographics – but also. We think urban living spaces not only from the perspective of people’s everyday lives – but also. We also think technology, mobility, safety, environment and generations. And that in a very simple, clear and solution-oriented way. Pragmatic. To turn thousands of details back into something very simple.

Honestly, we think of urban living spaces as we would want to live there ourselves. This also makes this extremely complex task a little easier on some days. We’ll see, everyone will see, where this goes.

We believe good always comes from a good intention.
Because in the future, values will also arise from reasonable values.


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