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For Euroshop 2014 and 2017, IDEAL AKE had the design for its trade fair stand created by SODA GROUP.

Düsseldorf – Euroshop is regarded as the leading trade fair for capital goods in the stationary trade and takes place every three years. The Austrian company IDEAL AKE will be exhibiting its refrigeration and thermal storage and presentation equipment there. The best way to do this is to integrate them into the situational processes and at the same time use them as design elements. In this way, they can be presented not only in a functionally meaningful way, but also in a decorative way.

In 2014, the company’s home country was incorporated as an aesthetic theme with references to alpine landscapes. Reference to the refrigeration technology was made with sporty fun at an own curling rink.

In 2017, IDEAL AKE was able to present itself with a stand that geometrically recreates the rugged landscape of the mountain massifs using a lot of larch wood and atmospheric lighting in a contemporary design language.

In the stimulating booth environment, the pure equipment technology as such receded into the background. Rather, it functioned as an aesthetic ensemble in the room and served its purpose as usual. The focus was on the exchange and meeting with customers.

REALISATION // 2014 + 2017
TASK // Room layout, counter & technical conception, design development