Hop Garden

What the Kölsch in Cologne or the Alt in Düsseldorf – FIEGE is the answer from Bochum!

For the brewery pub Hopfengarten in Bochum, SODA GROUP created the interior design and accompanied the implementation.

Bochum – A gastronomic old stone of Bochum’s pub and restaurant culture owned by the FIEGE brewery was to appear in a new guise as a neighbourhood restaurant. The focus is on beer: FIEGE, of course. From the name came the derivations for the interior design.

In the taproom copper, oak and plastered walls were applied. Lamps in the shape of hops accentuate the room. The concept is continued in the dining room: Oiled oak flooring meets wall panelling and heavily upholstered benches and chairs that invite you to linger.

CUSTOMER // Private brewery Moritz Fiege GmbH & Co KG
TASK // Interior design, planning, construction management