Bobby & Fritz

From container destination to station concept: The snack nomads from Bobby & Fritz settle down on the RÜ.

For the mobile snack line, SODA GROUP developed a station concept including interior design, took care of the tendering, construction management and project management.

Essen – What could be better than standing on the football pitch, watching your kids and eating a Pommes Currywurst? From this mood the trucks of Bobby & Fritz were born. Great names were the godfathers: Bobby Charlton & Fritz Walter.

The mixture of container sheet metal, a “tongue-in-cheek comparison to the clubhouse”, the offer-related illustrations as well as the use of spruce wood, which is reminiscent of beer bench sets, forms an image that does not deny its origins in the contemporary, urban appearance.

Where would be the first stationary restaurant of the Wurst & Fritten franchise fleet better placed than in Essen on the RÜ? Up to now, trucks and trailers had helped the brand become recognizable with a fresh, authentic appearance.

At the bustling Rüttenscheider Stern they now also settled down with a snack bar. It almost looks as if one of the mobile B&F containers has been parked here and briefly integrated into the building. Contemporary and appetizing, the rooms celebrate time-honored snack traditions. In the custom-made kitchen system, the culinary Ruhrpott canon can be nurtured with responsible love in perfected equipment. The guests enjoy it willingly.

TASK // Draft, Interior Design, Tender & Award, Construction Management, Project Management