Art Hotel Tucholsky

Visiting the time of Tucholsky.

For the redesign of the rooms in the Art Hotel Tucholsky, SODA GROUP took up the design of the guest room and reinterpreted it.

Bochum – Just in time for its 30th birthday, the Art Hotel Tucholsky gave itself a new look for its rooms – designed by SODA GROUP. After the guest room had been carefully renovated a few years ago, the design of the lower floor with its black facet tiles, slatted walls in warm wood tones, copper accents and the ambience of the 1930s was now to be continued in the rooms on the upper floor.

In the first finished room, a large wooden panel behind the bed picks up on this style. The facet tile is found, albeit in white, in the bathroom area, while copper details adorn the wardrobe and desk. A wall-filling art wallpaper shows motifs from the Bochum environment – in a Dadaist style, which Tucholsky was critical of, but which is inseparably linked to his time.

CUSTOMER // BJW Gastronomie GmbH
TASK // Interior Design


Illustration wallpaper: ©Jan Kasuch