Business Perfection

With our quality management tools, we can specifically optimise all areas from hygiene to health value. Digital and personal.

We supportall processes of the structural and procedural organisation of a gastronomic business with our consulting expertise. In doing so, we support our customers with a high level of operational and extensive personal experience.

This includes the analysis, evaluation or implementation of:

/// Organisational structures
/// Process flows
/// Management situations
/// Reorganization
/// Budgeting
/// Calls for tenders
/// Implementation and optimization
/// Benchmark studies
/// EDP systems

In the economic consulting of business catering facilities, we are concerned with the improvement of the gastronomic quality and the economic efficiency of the processes.

We analyze and evaluate the organizational structures of the organizational structure as well as the process flows of the operational organization. We discuss the potential management situations with you – will the decision be made to manage it yourself or to outsource it? We also review existing and future management contracts and (operator) budgets. With the help of our baseline and benchmark tools, we compare your situation with the ‘state of the art’ of the market and develop tangible recommendations for action for you.

Inthe highly complex field of merchandise management and payment systems , we are always up to date and provide advice on finding the optimal solution for your business. Talk to us and we’ll find the right solution for you too, one that not only sounds good, but works for you.