Jochen Schweizer

A boiling heart for the hunger for experience.

For the restaurant in the Jochen Schweizer Arena, SODA GROUP carried out the gastronomy and kitchen planning and accompanied the implementation of the project.

Taufkirchen near Munich – Schweizer’s Kitchen is throbbing in the body of Jochen Schweizer’s adventure and attraction arena. Three wings of buildings are concentrated around the central area. All are catered for by their own kitchen unit. In addition to the restaurant, the main kitchen is part of a 300 sqm event hall that can be rented. In the other two wings are the skydiving facility and the surfing wave current pool, which are also served by their own kitchen units.
Using a lot of wood, suede, steel and concrete, the restaurant in harmonious natural tones balances with the service areas of the spacious indoor world. When the weather is nice, you can also enjoy a relaxed meal on an extensive terrace with room for 250 guests and a view of the outdoor facilities.

All areas have the ambition to meet the respective needs of the guests in a delicious and sensible way. Depending on whether the booked experience is still to come or already processed, these are quite different. The culinary pampering offer, which can also be booked as an experience to match the house, is correspondingly well thought-out.

CUSTOMER // Jochen Schweizer Holding GmbH
TASK // Catering and kitchen planning, supervision of implementation