Club catering reinterpreted.

For VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach, SODA GROUP redesigned the FohlenSportsbar and the Büchsenwurf room. From interior design to accompanying the implementation – a real affair of the heart.

Mönchengladbach -Reinterpreting the concept of club catering so that loyal fans feel comfortable and other guests also enjoy using the rooms – that was the challenge SODA GROUP set itself for the Borussia Mönchengladbach football club.

Two areas, the “Raum Büchsenwurf” and the “FohlenSportsbar” were to be given a new design concept with recognisable similarities, but without looking too similar to each other. Because while the bar primarily serves the needs of stadium visitors, the can toss is also frequented by hotel guests and event attendees. The solution: materials which, in accordance with the respective usage requirements, are allowed to show their entire character range and also pick up on club colours and logo geometry. For example, the highlight of the can toss is an elaborately designed tile wall whose color shades and surface textures recreate the atmosphere of the stadium curve, including a shower of confetti.

The diamond-shaped club logo has also been given its place on the wall. A photo gallery on the ceiling and a wall installation of 850 cans pay homage to the club’s history. In this way, the familiar elements have been refined and combine to create a pleasing overall impression for both the knowledgeable football fan and the guest.

CUSTOMER // Borussia VfL 1900 Mönchengladbach GmbH
TASK // Interior design, planning, supervision of implementation