Union Investment

Lunch excursion to culinary theme islands – best without a tray in your luggage.

SODA GROUP was responsible for the catering and kitchen planning as well as the entire implementation of the project for Union Investment’s staff restaurant.

Frankfurt am Main -At Union Investment in the Maintor Porta building, around 600 employees are catered for at lunch by the internal company catering team.

Essentially, the marketplace concept revolves around four thematically specialized counters, where the majority of the dishes are finally prepared. This has a relieving effect on the main kitchen, which is therefore kept compact and equipped with technically flexible units.

Guests are met with a convenient system where the menu can be put together without cumbersome tray maneuvers. From salads to desserts, everything is accepted only at the time of payment. Outside lunchtime, a separate coffee bar provides soothing snacks. Catering for conferences can be flexibly catered for with pantry kitchens.

The group is pleased that it will also be entrusted with gastronomic planning in the WINX Tower on the Maintor site. www.winxtower.de.

CLIENT // Union Asset Management Holding AG
TASK // Catering and kitchen planning, supervision of implementation