TYPY – The New Store

Supermarket without staff – Not the first, but the best digital self-service supermarket in Germany.

DüsseldorfTYPY brings with us now the fully automated supermarket without personal into the German market – – but with personalized services in an extraordinary environment that is not only dominated by technology. Briefly: SODA GROUP has the realization of a bold idea begleitet and these to market maturity for this ambitious concept helped.

A supermarket without cash registers, that was the original approach, whichI also from Amazon Go has been inspired. A brave Approach for Germany, which, however, is current necessities that we are all experiencing and the desired customer orientation, which we have all long since appreciated, now uniquely necessary and feasible for a truly disruptive concept in retail. has become necessary and feasible. From technical feasibility, SODA GROUP has switched to customer experience.

The implementation of the “Your SODA GROUP was involved in the strategic development of the “Your Shop 24/7” concept.communication with the investors and then entered the implementation phase with the shareholders.This means architecture, processes, communication and at many points also in the business model.

The result: A completely digitally managed store in the media harbour of the state capital of NRW. With high product quality, a high level of customer orientation, a high degree of digitalization, needs-based communication and am Look&Feelthat people in the metropolis embrace.

About the project TYPY – The Brand

CUSTOMER // Campo GmbH
TASK // Shop interior design, planning and execution as well as storyline, concept, brand development, brand brochure