Sticks’n’Sushi GmbH

A gallery for the jewels of Japanese-Danish culinary art.

Sticks’n’Sushi restaurants like to serve their culinary arrangements in thoroughly composed scenery. Thus, SODA GROUP was commissioned to accompany the implementation of the sophisticated Berlin location.

Berlin – Potsdamer Strasse is ideally chosen for a restaurant chain that combines the finest sushi with exquisite street food components. The central capital location of the street, the raw beauty of the architecture and also the dubious reputation of the precinct predestine the area to become a trendy neighbourhood and thus the Place To Be for cosmopolitan Berlin.

Old building gems and modern buildings offer unused possibilities here. One of them was offered by SODA GROUP. In the rooms of a former newspaper publishing house they found the impressive setting for the first location of Sticks’N’Sushi in Germany.

In the almost sacred-looking room, the design follows an atmospheric line in which light, colour and the dynamic action are coordinated, as in an elaborate feature film. Aesthetically served in this deliberately composed atmosphere since 2016.

Those who pursue a gastronomic project with so much love for design would do well to entrust themselves to a professional consultant such as SODA GROUP, so that, focused on the goal, nothing is left to chance.

CUSTOMER // Sticks’n’Sushi Restaurants Berlin GmbH
TASK // Accompanying the implementation