Expert exchange for decision makers who need answers.

In successful companies with experienced management, there is rarely a lack of advice and even more rarely a lack of plan.
Nevertheless, many managers want to mirror their strategies and discuss them with us in an individualized dialogue format: the interactive strategy workshop.

Increasing pressure to act

We are in a time when sharing knowledge and experience at the management level is more important than ever. This is, of course, being promoted by the sub-acute COVID crisis, which will have unforeseeable consequences for numerous catering companies and the consequences of which must now be dealt with and possible new opportunities discovered and developed. This requires that managers have the necessary information, are aware of their role, are strengthened in their strengths and are encouraged in their creativity.

Increasing speed of change

But also fundamentally due to the ever-increasing speed of change at the level of external factors, framework conditions and trends. This is so high that almost all decisions become time-critical – even at the strategic level. This in turn makes it increasingly necessary for decisions to be implemented quickly and consistently. To achieve this, it is necessary for managers to be able to recognize and take into account all decision-making factors at the same time and to represent them in their actions. We enter into dialogue with this goal in mind.

Increasing complexity at the implementation level

The increase in (necessary) decisions at the strategic level usually puts massive pressure on the operational level – and often beyond its capacity to cope. It is part of a successful management culture to always keep strategic acceleration below operational feasibility in order not to fail despite good ideas. We know both the necessities on the strategic level as well as the possibilities and risks on the operative level and can set impulses here.

A workshop with us and with your team – fast, direct and competent.

The workshop format is designed for one day. To ensure that all participants are involved and no one gets the inappropriate feeling of being subjected to an assessment, we bring along keynote speeches on current topics.

As a rule, these are the following:

Workshop Part 1: Trends – We mirror your classifications.
Workshop Part 2: Behavior – We mirror your derivations.
Workshop Part 3: Scenarios – We mirror your options.

A workshop can change many things. But maybe not everything.

Sometimes it emerges from a workshop that a topic still needs to be developed, reviewed or organised in more depth. Then we help further – with a refined analysis, an improved strategy or a concrete solution on the implementation level. The offices of the SODA GROUP are generally well positioned to deal with almost all operational issues, and are able to address them pragmatically and competently in follow-up projects.


Topics that move managers

// Management

How can we identify the fields of action today that will remain relevant in the long term and prioritise tasks in a meaningful way?

// Processes

How can processes be optimally adapted to current challenges without changing the concept and irritating guests?

// Products

How can trends be picked up wisely and interpreted according to the concept? What must be offered to guests?

// Digitization

What is the right digitization strategy without improving the guest experience instead of complicating it unnecessarily?

// Marketing

How can knowledge about guests and customers be deepened in such a way that stable and profitable relationships are created?


Strategy experts you should meet

Axel Weber
Founder, manager and entrepreneur – head of strategy consulting at SODA GROUP.

Prof. Dr. Torsten Olderog
A proven expert in strategic corporate leadership and management in the service industry, who has been intensively involved in change management and knowledge transfer in our industry for many years, both academically and operationally.

Dr. Tillman Bardt
Experienced trendsetter and creative strategist who has developed campaigns and innovations for numerous companies and brands, internalizes multichannel marketing and focuses on digital transformation to enable value creation at new touchpoints.