Mrs Renate

The Sixties are back!

With the modular shop concept Frau Renate, SODA GROUP authentically stages the ambience of the 60s for Dr. Oetker.

Koblenz -A shop concept that can be implemented on a wide variety of floor spaces. It welcomes the guest in a nostalgic atmosphere and reminds with a twinkle in the eye of the ideal economic miracle world of the 60s: glass bricks, a furnishing made of stained walnut wood and the typical colours and patterns. These images create a high recognition value – whether as a sales stand with kiosk character or as a snack bar with an open dining area: all this is “Frau Renate”. For Dr. Oetker, for example, SODA GROUP translated the homey feel of the old Mrs. Renate commercials into a modern, high-quality store concept. Module sizes from XXS to L allow realisation on floor areas from eight to 90 square metres and thus offer the greatest possible spatial flexibility. Thus, the retro ambience can work both in the format of the stand, which can be set up and taken down, as well as permanently installed in supermarkets or train stations. In culinary terms, the concept is based in part on Dr. Oetker products, which are freshly prepared and refined on site. The food on offer, such as waffles, pudding variations, bowls and pizzas, can be eaten on the spot or taken away and, with the help of the recipe cards provided, can be cooked and baked again and again at home. The concept is currently being tested in a grocery store in Koblenz and will be expanded to other locations after successful test operation.

CUSTOMER // Dr. Oetker
TASK // Planning of basic concept and modularity / interior design / supervision of implementation


Visualization – Example

Visualization – Example