L’Osteria Freestander

Enjoy Italian like in the circle of the big family.

L’Osteria hands over the construction of freestanders to SODA GROUP. From design to implementation support, 3 gastronomies have been created so far.

Langenfeld – Since autumn 2017, a sprawling restaurant from the multiple award-winning L’Osteria gastronomy has been providing large pizzas and fresh pasta in Langenfeld near Düsseldorf. The friendly system focuses on a family feel-good factor and serves up with all the generosity you can handle.

The communicative hall with high ceilings offers an unobstructed view of the steel girders of the roof construction and has plenty of space for a good feeling with its extended guest room, a bar and a cosy separate section. Thus one is adjusted in the spaciousness to all kinds of guest constellations and their ideal conceptions. The kitchen is part of the action and opens up to the dining room, so you can see how the wishes of hungry guests are met dynamically and with passion.

The guest becomes a part of the lively events and feels friendly, as if he were visiting the extended family. SODA GROUP is responsible for Freestander in Langenfeld, Bochum and Berlin so far.

CUSTOMER // FR L’Osteria GmbH
REALISATION // since 2016
TASK // Interior design, project management, construction management, implementation