L’Osteria Dortmund

Proven L’Osteria ambience on a newly planned floor space.

SODA GROUP designs the freestander for the system gastronomy chain L’Osteria. For the first time, the restaurant design has now been realised on a much smaller construction area.

Dortmund – In times of scarce space resources, even proven concepts have to be rethought: For the system gastronomy chain L’Osteria, SODA GROUP has revised the restaurant floor plan of the Freestander and optimised it for a smaller construction area. This is how the now third variant was created, which for the first time does not have a square floor plan. Consisting of a straight-lined main nave and an attached winter garden, the “Freestander 3.0” takes up a third less space – without losing any of the typical L’Osteria ambience.

Seamless clinker and a special plastering technique give the building, which is reminiscent of Bauhaus architecture, a contemporary external appearance. Inside, the 220-seat bar and open kitchen create a force field that immediately catches the eye of guests entering.

The classic features of L’Osteria restaurants, such as counter cladding, service station and kitchen appearance, have been retained in the new Freestander. A lighting concept with LEDs and new control technology takes account of the sustainability concept.

The interior design is dominated by terrazzo, marble, clinker and plaster surfaces in subtle colours, brass details underline the quality of the interior. A warm wood tone ensures a high quality of stay in the guest room, carefully placed accents in old pink and bottle green round off the cosy industrial chic.

The new freestander design was introduced at the Dortmund location, where a Madonna figure watches over the house as a special detail. Shortly afterwards, another restaurant followed at the Limburg location.

CUSTOMER // FR L’Osteria GmbH
TASK // LPH 1-9