Leonardi 4.0

The digital future of community dining.

While some in the catering industry are still thinking about staff training, leonardi creates digital solutions that are convenient for the guest and efficient for the business.

The future of communal catering can be seen in Munich: On the former airport site in Riem, the caterer leonardi has opened an all-day catering facility with leonardi 4.0 The caterer leonardi has opened an all-day catering facility in the Konradhaus on the former airport site in Riem, which aims to use the possibilities of digitalization to improve work processes and resource management, relieve employees and at the same time provide better service to customers. SODA GROUP was responsible for the project management.

One example is the fully automatic Payment system DishtrackerUsing image recognition software, devices capture the food and send information directly to the cash register. This shortens waiting times and reduces errors.

In addition, technical innovations help employees to communicate with each other and show them by means of a traffic light system where their manpower is currently needed.

In this way, digitalisation brings efficiency to everyday working life, from which operators, employees and guests alike benefit.

CUSTOMER // leonardi GmbH and Co. KG
TASK // Project management digitalisation, networking with digital partners