Functional design with a traditional touch.

SODA GROUP designed a branch at the airport for the Japanese restaurant KIKAKU, cleverly translating functionality into Japanese formal language.

Düsseldorf– KIKAKU, one of the oldest and best-known Japanese restaurants in Düsseldorf, has opened a small branch at the airport. The fact that guests can enjoy delicate dishes such as sushi and sashimi in the light-flooded hall, which can quickly become a little warmer in the summer, is also thanks to the expertise of the offices of SODA GROUP, which accompanied this project. The wooden construction above the sushi bar not only borrows its beams from the Japanese language of form, but also protects the food from too much light and heat.

Throughout the catering area, traditional and modern building materials are in exciting interplay and unobtrusively meet the strict fire protection requirements of the location. Thanks to this type of design and the colour accents in light pink and green, which are reminiscent of two basic ingredients of the dishes, tuna and seaweed, an ambience is created that radiates a pleasant naturalness.

CLIENT // Dream Team Düsseldorf GmbH
TASK // LPH 1-9