Now it’s a matter of finding your footing and showing poise.

Industry-wide poster campaign available for free download.

The greater the sense of community, the greater the solidarity. The industry must now close ranks and communicate in unison. We want to help with that.

While all catering businesses are desperately fighting for their existence and have to talk to authorities, banks and employees, they should also turn to their guests during this time. And they do it collaboratively, in a professional and striking way that not everyone can pull out of a hat, nor can everyone afford.
That is why we have started a poster campaign which can be used free of charge and which allows “Your Hosts” to speak to the public in a uniform, united and recognisable way. Because many people are only now becoming aware of how important gastronomy is in their lives and for their neighbourhood. Solidarity is correspondingly high, but it must also be kept high for an indefinite period!

Therefore, we call for collaborative communication:
/ Show that you think positively and act constructively.
/ Show you’re part of a huge community.
/ Show that you are part of your neighborhood.

Prof. Dr. Torsten Olderog presents the idea in this video:

These are the first poster motifs “Edition 1” for download:

These are the second poster motifs “Edition 2” for download:

Click here to download:

>>> Edition 1 // 10 posters Poster Edition 1.pdf
>>> edition 2 // 3 posters Poster Edition 2.pdf

Here’s how it’s gonna work:
/ Download as many poster motifs as you need and hang them up at your restaurants and businesses. The more who participate, the more each individual benefits from the action. This is very important.
/ Please keep your personal messages, this is just an additional expression of community in our industry. But which will hopefully pay off for a great many.
/ We will create many more motifs over time, depending on how the situation develops. Therefore, come back and stay up to date.

Here we have a few more technical tips for you:
/ You can print the posters on any device to which you have access – of course, no specifications apply. However, they are particularly effective when printed in color so that the public can recognize them more quickly and easily.
/ The posters are created as files in DIN A2 format. So you can choose freely between DIN A4 (for printing on your own printer) and DIN A2 in the printout.
/ Many online printers have special offers in the program right now. “We make print” is one of the printers on the job during the crisis, offering very affordable options including shipping.
Our tip: Choose “Posters-Standard & Topseller / DIN A2 portrait / 1 page / 170g high quality print matt / quantity X”
Note: 10 posters cost similar to a single poster. So feel free to get all the posters printed and swap them in the window every now and then!
/ Use the posters also as motives in your social media channels #EUREGASTGEBER

We wish everyone the best and please stay healthy.

Finally, the fine print:
This is a voluntary and non-binding industry initiative supported by FOOD SERVICE in terms of content and media. We do not assume any warranty or liability.