Gastronomy after Corona

Decision maker update for new gastronomy. From the shock room to the ICU?

In a situation where the near and even more distant future is more uncertain than ever in many sectors of the economy, we asked managers and entrepreneurs from the hospitality and related industries to share their thoughts and forecasts with us.

Within a very short time, we prepared a qualitative survey and conducted interviews with more than 20 decision-makers, including individual entrepreneurs, hoteliers, caterers, managers from the system gastronomy, franchisees and industry-related retailers:

Karl Brauckmann Valora Food Service Deutschland GmbH // Johannes Bühler HANS IM GLÜCK Franchise GmbH // Stephan v. Bülow Eugen Block Holding GmbH // Kent Hahne Apeiron Restaurant
& Retail Management GmbH // Michael Heinritzi Heinritzi Betriebs GmbH // Clarissa Käfer Käfer AG // Roland Koch Gastro Consulting SKM GmbH // Max Kochen Beets & Roots GmbH // Rudi Kull Kull KG // Nikki Lukas GREENKARMA GmbH // Gregor Meyer Meyer Catering & Service GmbH // Jonathan Ostholt What’s Beef?! Frankfurt // Stefan Schneck Nola’s Catering GmbH // Stefan Tewes Coffee Fellows GmbH // Stefan Weber casualfood GmbH // Hermann Weiffenbach // Enchilada Franchise GmbH

The result is a differentiated picture of the mood, which not only reflects current challenges and measures, but also enables conclusions to be drawn with regard to the future normality of the industry.

The managers and entrepreneurs surveyed see changes coming in terms of social interactions, consumer behaviour, location planning and use of space, product range design, dealing with staff and with partners, managing logistics and distribution, pricing and the digitalisation measures associated with all aspects.

All facets of the companies concerned and large parts of their value chain will have to be reassessed and reorganised in the coming period. Management is faced with truly mammoth tasks, for which sensible and necessary framework conditions must be identified and created in the meantime.

We make the collections of results public here.

The initiators and authors
Axel Weber, Prof. Dr. Torsten Olderog, Dr. Tillman Bardt

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