Schnitzelei // Berlin

Atmospherically equipped for the scavenger hunt in the capital.

The second location of the Schnitzelei has received a relaunch of the interior design by SODA GROUP.

Berlin – After successful years in Charlottenburg, Schnitzelei moved to Berlin Mitte with an offshoot of its alpine concept. Here one wanted to present oneself to the guests with a newly designed profile.

With an understanding of the merits of the spaces, exposed brick is allowed to work here alongside immaculately integrated fixtures, fine wood and smooth plaster. In this spirit, the room is also restrained in its use of colour and decoration, in order to allow Stefan Bechert’s wall art to take full effect. Their colourful radiance is sensitively supported by lamps and luminaires.

A visit to Schnitzelei Mitte is an all-round tasty experience, where you can be won over by the meat-savvy menu or surprised by vegan and vegetarian variations.

CUSTOMER // BCH Schnitzelei GmbH
TASK // Relaunch Interior Design