BEEF! Grill & Bar

From a food magazine for men to a food destination for all.

How do I make a food title come alive? For Gruner + Jahr, SODA GROUP translated a magazine into a gastronomy format and brought two companies together.

Frankfurt – If a company has successfully launched a product on the market, made its name known, and created an expectation among customers that it is able to serve completely and continuously: wonderful. With the magazine BEEF! the publishing house “Gruner+Jahr” has succeeded in this feat and one of the best-known food brands in Germany has been created. So you could have sat back and enjoyed – but the BEEF! creators had something else in mind: their own restaurant, based on the magazine concept.

The food experience presented eloquently, visually and sensually in the magazine should also be able to take place in real life. At first glance, special interest journalism has very little in common with gastronomy: at best, in a figurative sense, a consumer is presented with something that is appetizingly prepared and as wholesome as possible. No easy task to make such a brand a gastronomic experience!

Nevertheless, SODA GROUP succeeded in translating the magazine format into a gastronomic concept and, in addition, found an experienced and highly competent partner for the Hamburg publishing house in Marché Mövenpick. After all, the Beef! restaurant was not just intended to be a quick coup, but to establish itself in the industry in the long term. SODA GROUP has created the best conditions for this.

CUSTOMER // Gruner + Jahr, Marché Mövenpick
TASK // Strategy consulting, gastronomy concept, space and function planning, kitchen planning, furnishing design, monitoring of implementation