Back board

Organic baked goods from the manufactory presented in a nature-conscious way.

SODA GROUP developed the interior design for the craft business with expansion power and accompanies the implementation of all branches in NRW.

Bochum – Artificial baking aids and chemical additives are absolutely taboo in the breads from Back Bord. Accordingly, natural materials were also preferred for the new shop fittings of the manufactory.

Just as the bakers’ craftsmanship turns dough into a fresh natural product, high-quality natural materials were used to create an authentic shop that obviously carries the Back Bord guiding principle: “Only good things are in here.” Such a straightforward, transparent presentation makes you feel good even when you’re shopping.

CUSTOMER // Back Bord Mühlenbäckerei GmbH &Co. KG
TASK // Interior design, supervision of implementation