Culinary backdrop of no-frills cooking.

The beautiful task of creating the interior design for the cellar vault of a monument was taken on by SODA GROUP.

Recklinghausen – In 1780 a burgher’s palace was built in Recklinghausen’s Heilige-Geist-Straße. This also solves the mystery of the name of the restaurant, which has been spoiling its guests with culinary delights in the vaulted cellar of the aforementioned building since 2016.

The makers of 17achtzig speak of Sturm und Drang in the here and now, of no-frills home cooking that meets filigree culinary art. The rooms are also designed with this in mind. Pure and honest like the dominating materials natural stone, wood and leather, yet simple and restrained, discreet and giving precedence to the effect of the room. The well-placed light grasps the special nature of the vault and its potential as a backdrop for culinary enjoyment. The room aesthetically anticipates what should also be a pleasure in the glass and on the plate.

The Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung rightly suggests that this location would quickly become the Place To Be in the country’s metropolises as well.

CLIENT // 17achtzig GmbH
TASK // Interior design